Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Body Pump instructor ... coming soon!

I met this person whom workout regularly @ Fitness First Maxis. He has picked up body pump quite sometime ago. He taught the class with Swee tonite @ FF-Maxis.

I was doing my abs exercise outside the main studio. There was a bodypump class by Swee, a tough Body Pump instructor. Anyway, i have not attended her class but i heard her class is challenge which i think is good for the attendees. I could hear her voice clearly even though i was outside the class. She started with the warm up track... when it came to 2nd track, suddenly, i heard a macho voice. So my curiosity dragged me to peek into the class. I found out the macho voice is Jackson (not the regular Jackson which famous for his Body Attack + Body Pump + Body Jam etc...) This Jackson is a new Body Pump instructor whom is going to teach Body Pump soon. So stay tune eh!... Anyway, we bumped into each other after my Step class and i came across to know that he will be teaching together with Swee next Monday @ Fitness First - The Curve. If you would like to meet Jackson, the future Body Pump instructor, you may want to attend Swee's class @ the curve... Too bad, i'm leaving for Pudong Shanghai this Sunday... otherwise i might be attending the Monday class.

Stay tune eh! New Body Pump instructor ... Coming soon this summer. (hehehe... sound like advertisement on a new movie... ;-p ) Sorry no picture of him.

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