Sunday, July 29, 2007

Back to KL -- My city

Everyone, I'm back to Kuala Lumpur - My city... :-)

Left Penang @ about 9am and reached KL @ about 1pm. Dropped my colleague @ KLCC and headed home to attend community meeting.

Sbanboy, Musa and I have arranged dinner on Saturday nite before i left for Penang. It was a nice dinner. We went for Dinner @ Ikea cafe ... one of my favor Swedish Meatball... Yummy!

Musa sharing out his dessert

Again, i don't get my favor swedish beer... they stop selling the beer... Beer with meatball ... yummy... We took lot's of pictures and decided to have a quick walk in IKEA. Sbanboy wanna to get something from IKEA. We left IKEA @ 8 something and headed home. A short dinner but lot's of fun and relaxing after my whole week of tiring F2F ... feel good to back to KL and having dinner with my friends :-)


Immanuel a.k.a dalantau said...

wah, penang again! the food look so tasty to me...You didn't pay for Musa's food huh? (I wondered that's why he shared his

winniethepooh said...

meatball one of my fav too :) hmm..dessert..cant really make out what dessert that is wor..hehehe looks like meatball to me too! :P

Musa said...

its only RM15! reasonable price. Can't have TZ blanja me all the time lah... ;)

TZ said...

Immanuel, u missed the nice Swedish food... shopping eh! so anything you bought on Saturday evening? I just don't quite understand why you always ask me to pay for Musa's meal... Musa don't need me to pay for his meal :-p

Winniethepood, I'm not sure what the dessert call... have to check with Musa.