Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Body pump instructor - Jackson Ng

I woke up and drove down to KLCC (Fitness first Maxis) for my workout this afternoon. I was a couple of minutes late and not able to attend my usual class PILATE BASIC. When i arrived in the main studio and found out that Ginny has started her class. So, i just have to skipped the PILATE BASIC class. I could attend the PILATE INTERMEDIATE but i saw Jackson Ng, the new Body pump instructor is going to have a session from 1-2pm. Decided to attend his class.

Guess what? Musa i attended Jackson Ng's body pump class (our friend Jackson). His class is quite tough with not much rest during the track. He focused on more stretching between tracks compare with others body pump instructor. The class went quite well although there were some hiccup... first, there was no battery for the mic ... Jackson shouted during the whole class. Second was there were only 6 of us in the class. But this never demotivated Jackson as he was still very motivated to ensure that all the participant understand the important of the pose / technique.

Way to go Jackson... Let me know of you next class eh!... I wanna to attend your next class... BTW, the more classes you take up the more experience you will gain. I think you have a good start... Hope to attend your class later... :-)

All, support our new fitness instructor. They need your courage and support to improve and gain experience... :-) Unfortunately, i don't have his photo but if you wanna to see how he looks like... join his class in the future.

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