Thursday, July 12, 2007

Experiencing the driving @ Penang

I was in Penang for the forth day since Sunday. One of the things that interest me to continue observing is the driver in Penang. How they drive in Penang... :->

After a few trips to Penang and drives everyday here, I observed some of the commonality among Penang Drivers
1. Penang driver tends to drive on the divided of the road (to/fro way) or one way with more than one lane. <-- This normally will only apply to airplane pilot.
2. Penang driver tends to drive unacceptable slow in the faster lane of the highway. Way below the limit of the highway. <-- Block the traffic and create backlog (traffic jam).
3. No stopping at the junction and expect the car from the straight road to aware of them. <-- Dangerous driver... beware of these drivers.
4. "Kaisu" mentality which not too willingly to give way to car that turn out. <-- I have no comment. ;-)
5. Turn out fast but slow down after turning out. <-- This is very common in Penang lah
6. Lots of bottle-neck designed road. <-- Hey, MPPP please take notes.
7. Penang driver tends to drive zig-zag... switching lane like nobody business. (Penang Bridge - even F1 driver don't do that).
8. When they approach a split. Instead of following left to turn left they would perform an emergency switch lane and turn left from right lane. (imagine how to switch from right to left and turn left)
9. Traffic Jam... one lane could be come 3 lanes. (this is where it stress me out driving in Penang - don't know where should i go)
10. Stop / turn without a signal, slow down and turn <-- Hey driving instructor in Penang, do you include the use of signal light in the material when training the driver :-p

I felt driving in Penang just like playing the PS2 game... you won't know what will be happening and what will be the next car coming out from the junctions especially @ the stretch along Beach street. There are so many junctions which full of surprise. If you happen to drive in Penang, just take good care of yourself and your car :-)

Anyway, feel free to share your experience of driving in Penang. I had validated with some of the Penang colleagues of mine during our lunch yesterday. They kind of agree with some of the behavor of the Penang driver that I commented here. :->

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