Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lazy Saturday... Hanging out @ Starbucks

It's Saturday again... Mom went to Seremban with friends to have an art/painting exhibition there. I was at my parent house waiting for the gardener to cut the glass and beautified the garden... :->

I don't have any plan, maybe will sit in Starbuck for the rest of my day to wait for my mom to come back from Seremban this afternoon. Need to pick her up from her friends house. Still not sure what time they would be back.

I planning to go for BodyAttack class at 1545 @ Fitness First - SPK. Jackson's class. I attended his class once ... it was a good and motivated class. I got this video about latest release on BodyAttack from YouTube...

I'm @ Starbucks Midvalley now. What are you going to do in Starbucks? Surfing and Checking out! These are the common things to do lah! What else? I just wondered why the starbucks over here is so noisy... the whole starbucks is like hawker center. Noise.. Noise and Noise... :-( Fortunately i brought along my headphone that i could listen to some nice music myself :-)

Despite the noise, the environment is very happening with lots of pretty lady and handsome/cute guys walking in and out for coffee... All the tables have been taken... :-> Anyone wanna to share a table with me? hehehe... One chair just gone and a huge size guy actually asking for that chair... fortunately he is not going to share a table with me ... hehehe... I'm so bad :-p

Half an hour later, my another chair gone... left only one chair which my beg is sitting on it... Aiya... i could not share table with others already... :-( Anyway, i also not intend to .... hehehe... Let's see anyone come and get the last chair that i have :-p


sbanboy said...

So did anyone finally take your last chair ? Got leng lui sit with u or not in the end ? :)

TZ said...

No one take out my last chair because i switch to a comfortable chair. hehehe :->

I was not lucky yesterday as all most of the lenglui came in group :-p Not enough chairs for them to sit with me! ;-)