Tuesday, July 24, 2007

View from the hotel room

I will be going for dinner with my colleagues on 730pm... So i got the chance to take a shot from my room windows... I never look out from the windows as i normally close the curtain. Today, when i come into the room, the curtain has already opened and the view from the window drawn my attention.

Compare to this shot that i took on my last trip ...

Guess what is the difference?


sbanboy said...

Love the sky !!!!

winniethepooh said...

u were on the other side of the mountain? :P

Musa said...

clear blue sky... nice.

poohbearee said...

U were in another side of the building? or another city?

TZ said...

Wow! all of you have a very creative answer... :-)

Poohbearee, you are right i'm @ the other side of the building... One side of the building is facing the sea and the other side is facing the city of Penang.

The room facing the sea is RM15++ more than the one that facing the city... :->

Do you think this difference worth RM15++?

(++ = 10% and 5%)