Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day off - clearing the outstanding

I took a day off to settle my personal matter ... boss i'm not going for interview unfortunately... :-> Anyway, just to settle all the outstanding items before i leave for Penang this Weekend.

Although it is my off day today but i was still required to attend meeting from home. I woke up about 7am in the morning and dial into the conference with all the Virtual sites from around the world. What a day. I thot US is off for July 4th 2007 and it should be an independent day from a meeting day. But it was not the case :-( so, my meeting ended around 9am and i took a nap until 11 something and took a shower. Then my gym buddy Musa text me for lunch today. i drove to Citibank and met him there, we went for Chi-Ku-Teh... it was nice and it's nicer than the Bak-Kut-Teh (BKT) @ New Zealand near Evergreen hotel Penang. The BKT in Penang suck and does not taste like BKT... just wondered how it got the famous BKT in Penang... :-o Penangite, can u update me of the latest nice BKT place in Penang... I'm going to Penang this weekend :->

Anyway, after lunch i went back home and grab my gym beg and headed to The curve to meet my insurance agent. We chat in Starbuck roughly about an hour+. i headed to FF-The Curve for my workout. Guess whose class i attended today? I attended two classes i.e. BodyCombat and RPM.

Jason was the instructor for BodyCombat and he is good in motivating his participants to workout hard in the class. He shouted and shouted together with all the participants; jumpped and fight. Unfortunately this is my 2nd class of BodyCombat... I still don't feel comfortable to jump too much. Anyway, it was a great workout with Jason, now i understand why Jason class is full usually. I sweat a lot and not to mention i wore white today (wrong choice)... so you could imagine how naked i felt after i sweat in my white sleeveless shirt... :-p

It get even wet after the RPM, my whole shirt like soaked with water. i still workout my chest and back at the free motion machine for about 1/2 hour and started cooling down for a while then hit the shower. i was so hungry. BTW, there was an event in Laundry tonite and i checked out with the waiter. According to the waiter. The bar is going to have the Fly FM event... unfortunately it will only start on 10pm. Otherwise i will just hang out for a while and get a sip of my favor drink before heading home for dinner ... :-) anyone could get a guess what is my favor drink?

That's my day! Mission accomplished as i complete all the planned items... that's my profession you know! Project Manager :-p

This is not the recording of the class that i attended, i got it fr YouTube.


sbanboy said...

Hi came by via Musa's blog

I was wondering how u managed to tape the class until I read the small print.

I have joined TF but still need to get myself to go regularly ....excuses excuses excuses

Ok have a great weekend

TZ said...

I did not tape this and I don't think this is from Malaysia. I just happened to get it from YouTube :-> Cool eh!

Anyway, it is fun to attend the class. Tell me about it, i have joined FF for about 1 yr+ but only recently i take up BodyCombat class. I started with RPM, Steps and BodyPump. Got bored and explore BodyCombat and BodyAttack.

sbanboy, you have a great weekend too.

sbanboy said...

Thanks :D

Anyway I have linked you to my blog and also added u as friend in my flickr account.

Do give me tips on how to be consistent in a gym ...haha... I think I am just paying the membership and not getting anything done.

Another thing .. is being trying to find a gym partner who I can be accountable to for ages ...coz me quite lazy ...haha


Musa said...

aw.. TZ has found a new gym buddy! am soo jealous... ;p

I start my jogging yesterday.. and according to my friend, I did 2.5km!! awsome huh? and now, my leg is in pain.. ;p

I got to find myself a jogging buddy than... :(

TZ said...

Musa, keep up the good work... don't forget about the 80/20 that we talked about... hopefully you will get 80% chance of lossing weight... :->

BTW, if not mistaken Sbanboy is actually sign up with TF and i'm with FF... don't think we could be the gym buddy unless one of us move to another club... hehehe... Sban boy any interest to move to FF?... :-p

sbanboy said...

pengsan ayo apa nak jealous ???? Musa ??? Hehe

We can still meet up for kopitiam loh. Anyway can go swimming or jogging mah

Yup I joined TF for 2 yrs. Din join FF last time coz din know anyone. Joined TF coz it was just 10 mins from my place.

Anyway keep in touch. I need to move my old bones to burn some baby fat ...haha ... email me at and I will pass you guys my phone number.