Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lunch @ Malacca....

Woke up on 8:30am... got ready to leave KL @ 9:30am. Driving my dad and mom to meet my dad unit-mate in Malacca. The journey took us about 2hrs... we reached the restaurant that we suppose to meet @ about 12pm. It was a old restaurant... and the food was not very great but i would say ok... We taken quite a number of dishes... here you go all the dishes that we took for our lunch.


doc said...

hmm, how did you manage to find the restaurant? GPS?

i feel there are only a handful (meaning, 2 or 3) of good restaurants in melaka, but you can't beat them for pricing. that's probably why s'poreans flock over there in droves on weekends.

i noticed you had a fish dish as well.

sbanboy said...

Looks yummy ... when u wanna go again ? Hehe ... I can bring you to prawn wanton in Melaka and alot more ...hehe :)

TZ said...

My dad's uni-mate found this restaurant and called them up to make the reservation. You know what? the fish dish has to be reserved two weeks before.

Here you go the full address
Restaurant L T P Sdn Bhd
phone : 06-282 2737

Looking forward to taste the yummy prawn wanton in Melaka. Where about in Melaka?