Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Eat Eat Eat + no Execise = ?

It has been 3 days i kept eating without going to the gym. My last gym visit was last Sunday before fetching my dad from Puduraya. (He came back from Penang with his friend). At nite we went out to a simple yet delicious restaurant for dinner.

Monday nite, as you blogged 2 days ago. I went to Hard Rock Cafe (HRC) with my colleague. And yesterday we went to Italiannies @ 1U. I took Salad and my colleague took the Shrimps pasta. It was delicious and i was so food after the dinner. Walk around to do some windows shopping and managed to buy a workout sleeveless shirt from Adidas. Guess what my colleague bought... 2 pair of Timberland shoes cost about RM680... Dear colleague (which i would not wanna to mention his name) thanks for contributing to the KL economics... hehehe...

Went back about 11pm and hit the bed after taking the shower.

Isaiah (my Personal Trainer), stop reading from this point onwards...
Everyone guess what i had for past three days.

Breakfast - Wan Tan Mee
Lunch - Chinese Food
Dinner - Steak @ Hardrock + Dessert (HRC ice special)

Breakfast - Nasi Lemak
Lunch - Chinese Restaurant near Nilai.
Dinner - Italiannies @ 1U

Breakfast - Wan Tan Mee
Lunch - Nasi Dagang
Dinner - To be determined...

Oh! it's time to go for my gym session. Yuppie! I will logout and attend my PT body pump.
Catch up with you later. Adios... :->


sbanboy said...

ERm eat eat eat + no exercise = end up looking like me = FAT

TZ said...

hehehe... i make sure i workout and eat healthy... but sometime need to accompany guest from other country and state mah!