Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Firm - Malaysia first corporate reality show

One interesting Malaysian made reality show "The Firm" This reality show shows every Sunday @ 9pm. This is a good show as it reflects how the corporate work and you could see how the team members playing office politic with each others. That's the really world man ... tell me who don't need to play office politic in their work environment, i wanna to join your company if you don't need to play :-p

BTW, the contestants have been divided into 2 teams. And these 2 teams will given a same project every episode. The team that perform closely with archieving the goal / objective will have no members being eliminated from the team. The team that lost, one member will have to be terminated from the team. So far, after the 2nd episode, one team member from each team has been terminated. So it is getting more and more excited as who will win the game. The person that won the game will be given a job opportunity in a MNC company. :->

Anyway, if you have not watched this reality show. Just watch it on NTV7 - every Sunday 9-10pm... :->


s.m.t said...

I think, I still prefer The Apprentice. Can you believe that Mark Burnett - the brain behind Apprentice & Survivor has been to Ba Kelalan before?

TZ said...

wow! I wanna to go to Ba Kelalan... I was talking to Musa that i wanna to plan to go to this place one day.

Which is the best time to go to visit Ba Kelalan... :->