Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dad is sick ...

My dad is sick since last week... My mom, sis have been asking him to see the doctor but all of us failed. I tried to drag him to see the doctor since last Saturday when i back to KL. My dad is quite stubborn when he is sick... I'm not sure why but when come to seeing a doctor, he is quite reluctant. I'm not sure and did not find out in detail but i think he might not have too much confident on doctors (Sbanboy, no hard feeling eh! that's my dad's character :-) )

Finally, I managed to convince my dada to see the doctor that he trusted most this morning... i rearranged partial of my morning meeting to tomorrow and the day after... drove him to see the doctor at Cheras... This doctor is a very nice and patience + practical doctor (not money minded - Not to say all the doctors are not good but because of some bad eggs in the group that spoil the confident of the patients). Guess what? everytime i go to this doc's clinic, the queue are so long and people still patiently waiting to see him. Dad managed to see the doc after 45 mins waiting time. Anyway, glad to hear from the doc that my dad is fine and just a throat infected. Doc gave him lots of medicine and he is now taking a rest @ home.

I'm back to the office and clearing my backlog since i took couple of hours off this morning. Will pick my mom up and send her to chinese painting class. Before that, I'm going to cut my hair as i have an appointment with my hair-dresser in downtown kl this evening. Will leave office @ 1630. hehehe... No gym for me tonite :->


zu said...

parents are like that, especially if they came from a poor background.

They feel they're tough and strong enough to battle small things like headaches and sore throat. They'd feel its unnecessary to waste money on doctors because these are just pewny matters.

But for their kids, they earned hard to raise them best, giving them whatever they want, rushing them to doctor on small cuts and bruises.

How great our parents are, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Who is that good doc? Got smile one on his face or not?

Good boy lah u....bring daddy to clinic some more....keep it up bro!

winniethepooh said...

My daddy oso like that..always say drink cooling tea will do. most of the time hv to DRAGGGG him go :P

nice of u to bring daddy to clinic and mummy to painting class even..ur mommy must be one very refine lady huh..People say when son look for wife, always look for one like the mommy. I guess ur standard for a wife must be really high then!! :)

TZ said...

Thanks everyone... :->

My dad does not want to go to the doc is not because of the cost. He thinks that sore throat could be cured by drinking more water and avoiding heaty food. Anyway, glad to have my dad go to see the doc... he is much more better now.

Immanuel, the doc always give a nice smile on the face.

Winniethepooh, good question... i don't think my standard is high for a wife ... hehehe... anyone in mind? :-p

winniethepooh said...

ur 'i dont think my standard is high for a wife' very subjective wor hehehe..have no one in mind..when its time for u to meet her, u will :)

zu said...

eh, from pap's talk to wife's talk... geesh. haha.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! I hope ur daddy is well now. Have a nice weekend!

TZ said...

hor ny ang moh, thanks for dropping by... my dad is getting better now.

Have a nice weekend to you too.