Sunday, July 15, 2007

Social Dinner @ Seremban

Last nite, I accompanied and drove my mom to attend a social dinner @ Seremban. We left KLK at about 5:45pm and reach Seremban at about 710pm. We attended the school anniversary celebration ... Happy 94th Birthday to my mom's school Chung Hua High School. This school located on the hill top and it was amazing huge ... even bigger than my high school...

There were 130 tables in the school multipurpose hall. when we arrived, the carpark in front of the school was going to about to be filled... lots of people walked towards the hall. We managed to get the table according to the two tickets that my mom got it from her friend. We managed to get a nice seat facing the stage. As time approaching 730pm... more and more people comes ... guess what? I was sitting with 4 artists included my mom... Lot's of people walking to approach the 4 artists to have their signiture on the nice painting booklet.

To cut the story short... it was a nice and relaxing social dinner... met lot's of mom's classmate and friends :-> And i was amazed with how the student there with all kinds of performance. Unfortunately i did not bring my camera :-( Will try to see whether i could get the some pictures.

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