Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heavy vs Simple dinner

I had a heavy dinner on Friday night after my RPM Challenge class. I went to Chili's @ KLCC. Chili's was so packed and full of people... can you imagine the waiting list was about 20-3o line items and still people willingly to wait to get a table. As for me, i was so hungry and i could eat up a waiter/waitress if they asked me to wait for 30mins. Fortunately, there was a seat by the bar that i could just pop in... otherwise you will see the newspaper headline today "A muscular guy eaten human@ Chili's KLCC"

Anyway, managed to got a seat. I ordered my favor drink Presidente Margarita (PM) and my favor Oldtimer burger with added Chilis... I managed to switch the frieds to mashed potatoes... :-) After waited for 15 mins and enjoying my PM while waiting... the food finally came and the branch manager delivered personally as he knew that i was so hungry after workout... what a good services in Chili's KLCC... I was treated like i am in US ... :-)

As i have a heavy dinner on Friday, i decided to forgo going out dinner with my mom, sis and bro-in-law. They were going to an italian restaurant near Carrefour Kepong. To eat healthy, i drove all the way to Damansara Height to buy my foot long sandwich. Guess what I have for my simple Saturday dinner? Bingo! I have Subway foot long Sandwich... Here is the ingredient of the sandwich
1. Foot long Harvest Wheat Bread
2. Turkey breast, turkey ham and roasted beef
3. lettuce, Tomato, onion, cucumber,
4. olives, green pepper
5. Mustard and pepper

Foot long sandwich with no sugar soya drink -->

The sandwich was tasty and healthy for my simple and nice saturday dinner. I was going to say that i managed to loss some calories during my body pump this afternoon and with the RPM challenge two days on the roll (Thursday and Friday)... i hope i don't put on weight when i come back from Penang.

Heathy lifestyle starts with eating healthy and excising regularly.

So do your exercise regularly and eat healthy eh!

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