Saturday, July 14, 2007

Journey back to Kuala Lumpur...

First of all, i would like to thanks to my buddy that send their regards and message me to drive safely... Thanks Musa and Sbanboy... :-> I back to KL finally...

I left office at about 4pm to beat the Penang Bridge traffic jam. The traffic was starting to move slower than expected but fortunately still able to move. According to my Penang colleague, traffic in Penang bridge would be worse whenever there is a long holiday or accident. He recommended me to leave before 4pm... hehehe... :-> So, for those who jam in the Penang Bridge yesterday... can you share with us what is your experience?

The amount of cars were more than the usual day, especially from Juru to Ipoh... but there was no traffic jam along the North South Highway. There were a part that it was quite challenge to drive as it was rainining heavily. Anyway, stopped by @ Bidor for dinner and hit the road after 1 hour. I reached KL at about 9 something. Sent my colleague that followed me back to the nearest Star LRT station @ Titiwangsa. Then headed back to my condo.

Took my shower and chit chat with my parent for a while and hit the bed... What a tired journey and busy week... Guess what? I will be in Penang again from July 22nd - July 27th 2007. Another f2f to kick start a program.

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