Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SOHO - two days on the roll ...

i went to SOHO again last nite. We went to the SOHO Penang called SOHO Free House. The drink and food is not free by the way... just the name... so nothing is on the house... :-p This is my 2nd time going there. My 1st time went there with Musa early this year. Musa, still remember SOHO? I beat you on fuss ball :-p

Anyway, last night my colleague and i went to SOHO again. I happily order my favorite drink again... by now, you should know what is my favorite drink :-)... Guess what i order for my main dish... A cow ... hehehe.... :-p Something related to cow... :-)

I met quite a number of people that i do not know before but working in the same company... sometime we need to go to this kind of social dinner to know more people within the same company to expand our network. Anyway, there were a reason why they gather... it was because a ex-manager whom already left the company last year migrated to Austrilia and came back for seminar. So, this manager asking all his ex-subordinate and person hire by him to come out for a gathering. It was fun and motivated to listen on his sharing with the new company and experience on how to move yourself up to the value chain... :-)

I was thinking i should have met this manager way before so i could identify him as my mentor and learn from him... He is a good teacher... dear colleague, don't you agree with me? hehehe :-p So we left SOHO about 9 something and i drove back to Evergreen. I knew i would be hungry at nite, so i decided to get changed and grabbed some food from nearby 7 eleven... I managed to brought my camera along and took some picture to share with you.

After walking for a while, decided to go back and get online...


Musa said...

Yes, I remember that place.. its a nice dining place.. do you remember we played fuss ball there? and the place only "happening" after midnight. I sure remember a lot.

did you have that yucky grave yard? and had beef stick lar right?

by the way.. you just mention the company name you working for in this post. Better not buddy.

TZ said...

Buddy, thanks for pointing out... i hope not many people read my entry yet ... :->

Anyway, i edited the entry to protect the company ... :->

sbanboy said...

SOHO Free House name is so misleading .... like Free !

Good that u had a good time