Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another day without gym :->

I was so so lazy and pampered myself with nice and heavy food... I reached my hotel at about 6:45pm and my colleague has arranged to pick me up on 7:45pm. Since i don't have enough time to hit the gym. Guess what i did to fill up the time... hehehe... I pampered myself on doing some facial mask.

My colleague picked me up and we went to a restaurant @ Gurney plaza... can you give it a guess what restaurant is this? The only one in Penang... :-> there are couples of outlet in KL too. This is the food that i order @ the restaurant ... Yummy! yummy... Can you figure out what restaurant rite now... Do you need more clue?


sbanboy said...

Chillies !!!!! If I am not mistaken

TZ said...

Bingo! but no prize for you... hehehe :-p

Anonymous said...

Chillies, I echo.

Wah, using Body shop products ah. Memang loaded lah this friend!

Musa said...

wow... I wont be surprise if you put on some weight. ;p

but than.. we all love Chillies!

TZ said...

hehehe... i don't know how will my PT react after he knew i was skipping gym for 5 days since Saturday ... :-p

Anyway, i'm going to leave Kulim now (5pm) hopefully i could hit FF-Island Plaza before 7pm.