Thursday, July 12, 2007

final nite in Penang

Hurray, tomorrow will be the last day for this business trip. I'm looking forward to go back to KL :-> Isaiah(my PT), I missed the PT session and feel like i put on weights. Please plan a tough workout for me on Monday okay? :-p

I leave office about 4:45pm and drove from Kulim back to Penang island. Went to the Penang office to pick my colleague and headed back to the hotel. Reached hotel and decided to hit the gym for about an hour. I worked out the shoulder and chest tonite... :-> Not managed to go to Sauna as i was so hungry. Back to the room and changed.

I was a little bored and don't know what to take for dinner. So decided to walk all the way to Gurney Plaza. Guess what i have for dinner ... I went to the FoodLoft for dinner. It was a nice and modern restaurant. This is the slogan of FoodLoft restaurant " the trendy & upscale international dining concept " The restaurant using the order card so that the cook would be able to prepare you food and serve you. If you happen to be in Penang... don't forget to try it out in Gurney Plaza.

I ordered one bowl of Beef Noodles... which is not very nice, especially the rice noodle which is not like the noodles normally serve in Vietnamese restaurant. Talk about beef noodles, i'm craving for the Vietnamese Beef Noodles @ Chandler Arizona US. Drool drool... somebody get the pail ... hehehe.... Anyway, my next trip i would like to go to the restaurant to have the beef noodles... this is a must :-p Back to FoodLoft, I also order pan fried dumpling which is okay, still not up to the Shanghai standard. And lastly i got myself a huge dessert... who can guess what i have for dessert? Hint: A malaysia delicacy ... :-)

Anyway, it was a good dinner and i'm still full even after i have a long walked back from Gurney to my hotel.


Musa said...

have a safe journey back!

s.m.t said...

All the way to the States to have Beef Noodles? Phew!!! But that is understandable - my first trip to London, I found this small vietnamese restaurant along Victoria Street. After 2 whirlwind journey through Europe with lots of bread and pasta, my first bowl of Beef noodles is just... HEAVEN!!

My following trips there, I've tried to visit the place and I've always unfortunate!! Brrrr!!

TZ said...

S.M.T: wow! nice beef noodles in England... I should have know you 10 yrs ago so that i could go to Victoria Street for beef noodles... Will try it next time i'm in London.