Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just a normal Saturday...

My mobile rang early morning Saturday... you know who called me such early in the morning... Usually i would have scolded the person that woke me up especially Saturday and Sunday morning... but i don't know why today i just have not been who i'm, i was so patient to answer the phone ... ask Musa... he would be able to describe how i sound.

Anyway, Musa woke me up @ about 8:30am, and asking me to go out for breakfast... I was still dreaming and dream of nice nice things ... Musa, you just broke my nice dream... :-p Don't worry, it was not important. :-> After chat for about 2 mins... i finally agreed to drag myself up and hit the shower then go out to Great Eastern Mall to meet Musa for breakfast. There were no one except a person that sit in front his laptop to pretend he was so busy... Why i said so, it was because today is SATURDAY :-p

So, had breakfast with Musa and sent him to his church down the road. After sending him i pop up to the Starbucks again @ KLCC. What a day as i could not get the connection to the internet @ StartBuck. it was so dissapointed as i wanted to update my blog... Anyway, it was already 11:15 when i tried the final time to connect. I decided to leave Starbucks and headed Fitness First @ Maxis.

Steve was the instructor for Pilate Basic today replacing Ginny who is in Singapore now. I felt so tough as i stopped the class for quite sometime due to travelling. Fortunately, i still have the base and did not actually have a hard time to warm up. Steve, you have done a good job on Pilate... :-> Keep up the good job eh! I stayed on for cardio and workout after the Pilate class. I decided to have 30mins cardio on x-Trainer. Guess how much that i burnt in Calories today? hehehe.. I burnt total 324 cal in 30 mins. It comes to 1 mins = 32.4 cals burnt with the average heart rate = 145.

After the cardio, i hit the freemotion to workout my chest, bicep, tricep and so on... then walk up upstair to do some chin up... 2 set with 5 reps each. :-) Finished the workout, hit the shower, and dropped by Isetan for some grocessary shopping with my late lunch. :->

I'm so lazy rite now ... but need to get going as i need to prepare to leave KL for Seremban to attend a social dinner @ Seremban... My mom is one of the artist that has the exhibition last week and there will be a dinner tonite. Ciao!

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