Sunday, July 15, 2007

New blog was borned : TheRedBreakFast

I visited Will's blog and found out that he has built a new blog on the RedFM breakfast show. I blogged about the RedFM one week back. Since then, i'm listening to RedFM every morning while driving to office. Will and Tim has done a good job in getting TheRedBreakfast show lively and they play more variety music.
I like when Will and Tim read the news. They read the news in a very lively and creative way so the listener would not felt bore and switch the channel... :-p Anyway, tune in to the REDFM. here you go the frequency for different places in Malaysia
107.6FM Penang
106.4FM Ipoh
106.0FM Negri Sembilan
104.9FM South Perak & Klang Valley
98.9FM North Johor & Malacca
98.2FM Taiping
98.1FM Kedah, Perlis & Langkawi
92.8FM Johor Bahru & Singapore
91.6FM Kuantan

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