Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I had a PT session last nite, after stopping for a whole week as i was on business @ Penang. I have already expected my PT would planned a tough workout for me yesterday... To my surprise, he planned not only upper body workout but also lower body even though he knew that i had my RPM class (half way drop out - instructor must be thinking of what happen to this guy :-p ). Anyway, PT and I straight away started the PT the moment i walked out from the RPM class.

First training item, leg workout ... different lunges.. board, side and backwards. Three combination... it was tough as i just came out from RPM, my leg muscle was tight ... Then we hit the chest with 30lbs dumbell each sides, 30lbs and 50lbs barbell. Also three different combination for chest workout. Again tough!...

Upper / Lower back are the next target, i.e. one hand clean and press for 10 reps each sides. I managed to finish more than 10 for both hands... got the encouragement from my PT ... then after the clean and press, it's bicep and tricep workout. Tough man! We ended with an extreme abs workout... it was tiring but satisfied. Cool down with the stretching after the session.

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