Friday, July 6, 2007

A boring and slow moving Friday...

I was so bored and feeling sleepy as i have a heavy lunch with my ex-colleagues today. The weather so hot and i don't feel good! ... Anyway, it's Friday and tomorrow there will be no work for me. What should i do on Friday :->

There is a Rainforest World Music Gathering @ Laundry bar... I'm so disappointed as all my friends do not have interest to pay a visit. So I decided to call my plan off... :-( All my friends have their own program. I will continue with my PT session @ 8pm and maybe heading to the curve later to get see how it's goes... :-)

What a boring Friday night ... anyone wanna to meet up in Laundry bar for the Rainforest World Music? :-)


sbanboy said...

Sorry buddy will be going home this weekend ... hang out with you another time with Musa :D

TZ said...

I did not go to the Rainforest World Music too... after my workout yesterday, i was so tired ... so decided to get home straight from FF-Summit... :->

Anyway, we could hang out one of these day :-> Keep in touch eh!