Monday, July 23, 2007

Meal on Sunday...

The journey from KL to Penang was quite enjoyable... there were one part which rain very heavy and it was a challenge for me to be able to see the road... it was near Taiping. But overall, the weather and the traffic is very good in the highway.

The town of Kampar

One of my colleague was travelling together with me. We decided to stop over to a small town which once be a stopped over place for food and relaxation. But due to not direct exit to this town from the North-South highway. This town has been slowly abandoned by the traveler. To taste different type of food from small town, my colleague and i decided to stop over @ Kampar. Kampar was once a big town for mining workers during the British time way before Ipoh was developed become Perak biggest city. So we had our lunch @ one of the local restaurant which famous for its Curry Chicken in the Bread. Sorry i don't have a picture on Curry Chicken in the bread. We ate one vege, one fish and one chicken... Guess what? the total check costs us only RM$28.20. I was shocked after looking at the check as i expected to be much more higher as the fish was so much... I expected RM40+.

Arrived Penang @ about 3 something. Checked in the hotel and take a relaxing afternoon. My colleague and I met again about 8:30pm and decided wanna to go out nearby restaurant to have dinner. Due to raining heavily outside, we decided to stay in the hotel and take the buffet... I took two plate of Sashimi for as the started and plate of salad with some meat. And a plate of Asia food consist of Rice, meat and some cooked vege. I ended my meal with a dessert, fruit mocktail and a nice scoop of ice cream.

Salad with Beef, Lamb and vege Tempura

Dessert - yummy!

At the end i was too full and until now, i still would not be able to sleep as i was still very full... :-(


sbanboy said...

Wah YUMMY !!!!!

So did you have any dreams when you slept ?

Anonymous said...

Wah, Penang again....big business there or because of the food? haha

TZ said...

I did not have any bad dream last nite... :-) But stomach does not feel good right now.

No doubt food in Penang is good... I wish i would not need to be back to Penang for at least a month :-> This week F2F meeting will be a tiring one.

winniethepooh said...

i like the dessert more than the salad :P

zu said...

aw, the salad looks delicious. Like it'll feel cold between your lips, crunchy between your teeth, and rich on your tongue.

TZ said...

The dessert is perfect... yummy!

Salad is awesome!

Guess what? I ate until i could not move... feel very bad after the dinner. If my PT sees this (hopefully not), my next Monday workout will be disaster :-p