Monday, July 30, 2007

Moody Monday Morning

It's Monday morning again... I have tans of things waiting for me to close today. I just felt tired and not feeling very well. :-( No mood and motivation to start the day ... So thinking of post an entry to the blog... and get myself warm up... :->

If you remembered i blogged about going back to school. Yesterday was my first day in school. The class started from 9am till 5pm. I was tired after the F2F in additional need full participation during the class. BTW, other than the lecturer, i'm the only guy in the whole class... see how valuable i'm in the class but unfortunately, all the ladies have married ... :-( Anyway, my objective is to study not finding / flurting :-p So good to have ladies whom are married.

Okay, back to this morning ... it was a tough time for me to pull myself up and detached from my favor pillow... I missed my dear pillows (oops! sound like a kid ... anyway, do you miss your pillow after a while travelling? I do!)... I woke up at about 6:30am and mom has prepared the L&T breakfast. I missed my mom's breakfast after the one week oily, fattening and not healthy breakfast that i had in Penang. Good to have my mom's prepared breakfast... :-)

I could feel everyway in KL is having the Monday blues especially the sky is dark and rainny. I hopped into my car and headed to the office after my breakfast. On my way to the office, the rain was so heavy that i could hardly see the front car. Had a emergency break and fortunately the car behind me was far away and also applied an emergency stopped. No one injured as no accident has occured, I think just a shock to both me and the car driver behind. After the shock, i'm awake right now... :-) Reached office at about 8:30am and missed the boat for 2nd round of breakfast... my colleagues have went out in a group... :-)

Anyway, gotta to hit the work and finish up all those outstanding otherwise i need to stay onand will miss my PILATE class this afternoon... :-)


winniethepooh said...

always nice to have TLC (tender loving care) breakfast from mummy to start the day :)

glad to know that no accident, hv to drive carefully and be very alert esp when it rains.

have a great week ahead!

TZ said...

hehehe.... :-) It's true, the TLC breakfast is much more tastier than the breakfast outside :->