Thursday, July 12, 2007

Seafood Dinner + Gym session = Calories Burnt

I went for Seafood dinner with a few colleague @ Bali Hai last night. A nice seafood restaurant @ Gurney Drive. We had fish, prawn, Shark fin soup, vegetable and tofu. The dishes is quite nice but the price is a little bit high. After the dinner, I sent all of my colleague back to their hotel. Since it was just 9 o'clock, i decided to pay a visit to the hotel gym and do some workout there. Started with the X-trainer for 15mins and managed to work on my bi-cep, tricep, shoulder and chest. Guess what? I was using all dumb bell for the execise. Three sets 8 reps. I felt so good on the workout after skipping the gym since last Saturday.

After the workout, i dropped by the Sauna room and get myself sweat like a pig ... hot and humid in the room. I stayed inside the room until i could not stand the hot. Then come out to the jacuzzi for a while and go back into the Sauna room. Took a quick shower and headed back to the room. Felt so relax after the workout, Sauna and Jacuzzi... I might going to do it again today.. :-)

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