Friday, July 6, 2007

Introduce RedFM into my daily life ...

I started my driving to office this morning but tuning on to the FlyFM. FlyFM has been my travel companion from my condo @ downtown KL to my office @ Cyberjaya. Average i spent about 2 hours per day of travelling from home --> office --> home. Sometime more time i spent on the road... Radio station is a must for me.

This morning i kind of fade up with my usual FlyFM as they kept repeating the same old song from morning to nite and nite to morning... ah! boring .... :-( So, i tune and check out a non program station on my car radio. I came to 104.9 and the DJ was announcing that the radio station 104.9 RedFM... It has been quite a while i did not listen to RedFM. So i gave it a try... guess what? The morning session was a judgement day morning... it was funny to hear a lot of text from different part of Malaysia to confess what they had done to others which bringing a bad. This station is very lively with the DJ WillQuah and Tim.

BTW, i also like the song Will played... it was a mix of latest and some lists was actually consider quite old. From next week onwards, i will stick to RedFM 104.9. Try it out! hehehe.... :-p

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