Monday, July 16, 2007

Meeting my PT - Isaiah Kee

I'm going to meet my personal trainer (PT) Isaiah Kee tonite after a week of relaxing time in Penang. Emmm.... what is his plan? Let's find it out tonite... I'm looking forward to see how challenging the PT session tonight.

my PT (Sorry, old photo, I don't have any others) -->

I missed my Pilate class with Ginny again this week. I will see my PT @ Fitness First Summit. Now, i'm not sure what class should i pop in for an hour workout before my PT session @ 8pm. Anyway, will decide once i'm there. BodyBalance, BodyCombat, BodyPump... anything with the Body :-p Anything without the body don't take lah! hehehe...

Anyway, it was raining very heavy and i just joke with my colleague that today might be the day that our Mega project i.e. Smart Tunnel might need to put into testing... but realized that the rain has stopped in Cyberjaya. So... not sure how's KL city rite now.

Ok... gotta go rite now. Catch up with you later :-) FF-Summit here i come...

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