Sunday, July 1, 2007

Kuala Lumpur @ Nite

I chosen night @ Kuala Lumpur is that this view is where i see it every night from my balcony. Yes! I could see the whole KL view from my balcony as i stay in 23rd floor. I took this photo few months back with my SLR camera - bird view and it was a clear night. But unfortunately tonite, the KL view is not as great as few nights before. It looks a little hazy out there.

Guess what? I'm sitting @ my balcony rite now updating this blog. Just wanna to get some idea from the beautiful night scenary of KL. Finally, i decided to use the night scenary for my blog title backdrop.

Anyway, gotta to hit the bed now. Good night Kuala Lumpur, good night my fellow Malaysian, sleep tight eh!...

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