Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday evening get together with friends...

I went over to my hairstylist to do my hair after lunch. It was a quick one as there is no one in the queue. Finished my hair about 3pm and heading to IOI Mall to meet up Kam Weng (KW) for gym.

I arrived the gym at about 3:45pm and got myself changed then realized that i forgot to bring my towel. Dropped by the counter and paid RM5 for the towel service. Later met KW @ the cardio area. Did about 20 mins of treadmill with my new shoes. The shoe is terrific with a good grab, it's so stable and also cushioned. After the 20 mins, grabbed the glove and headed to the weight area. Started working out together with KW. We ended the workout @ about 5pm and hit the shower. 

KW and I picked up Corine & Maisie nearby and headed to Kim's place which is on the way to Teluk Gong. The journey took us about an hour in total and finally we reached Teluk Gong. Ordered about 6 dishes but because i got carried away with the nice seafood. I forgot to take pictures.

Mantis Prawn
Thai style Steam Fish
Corine & Maisie
Salted Egg Crab - Left only one
ch_leong & Kimmie

Must be wondered why i was not in the picture eh!... I'm holding the camera... :-p Anyway, it was a nice dinner and 5 of us able to chat for anything... no content will be reviewed in this blog... sorry! ;-p

We left the restaurant @ about 10 something. I stayed the farthest, i reached back at about 11pm. It was a valuable time with my friends and delicious seafood too. 

Goodbye my dear office...

Time flies, after a few months of getting ready for today... the time has finally come :->

I'm sad to say goodbye to all my fellow colleague, my cubicle, my chair, my table and my office. I'm invited to attend a farewell lunch organized by our management to thanks all employees for their contributions *sniff sniff* Total about 20 of us will be leaving today and the left over will leave in June 30th 2008.

I'm glad to work for this company, I have been working for 7+ years in this office/company and i was one of the pioneers. I joined when this office just started... been through the ups and downs with the office. But still at the end, the management has decided to close down this office and move all the operation back to Penang/Kulim.

This office has brought lots of sweet and bitter memories... sweet! i was part of the 20+ to help on bringing up this office when we started... besides i also met my ex-girlfriend but we broke off few years later. And now the office is going to close... Anyway, this will be stated as history and will be written in my book about my life as one of the chapter... So long my dear office. :'(

April 1st 2008 will mark a new chapter for my book about my life... I have to look for a job at the same time continue my studies/certification. This is the beginning of a new chapter... Let's the new life begin... ;-)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hangover on Saturday after the Party

The company that i work for has thrown us a farewell party on Friday 28th 2008. It was a fun nite out and i danced and danced, drank and drank until i was so high... fortunately my colleague Waqar has offered his place for me to pull over nite there.

My head was spinning for the whole yesterday even i have to call off my PT session on 3pm. Anyway, i'm having lots of fun and sorting the picture taken on the nite out. 

Stay tune! the picture will be published soon....

Friday, March 28, 2008

My New Shoes

I bought a new shoe last Wednesday after my Nike Pro having some quality issue and brought it back to Nike Shop @ The Gardens. The Nike office and retail store in Malaysia is totally different from US. They asked lots of questions and i need to fight for the change and return. Ended up they agreed to let me change the same value goods.

After looking around the shop, i decided to get myself a pair of new shoes since it's been sometime i did not get any Nike shoe. Let me introduce you to my new Nike Air Pegasus+

This Nike Air Trail Pegasus+ 3 Men's Running Shoe is ready to hit the trails and fly. Textured synthetic overlays can withstand whatever nature puts in your way, while a powerful midsole gives you the cushioning you've come to expect from an Air Pegasus.
  • CUSHIONING: Full-length lightweight midsole with Air-Sole units in the heel and forefoot provides powerful cushioning and control. 
  • STABILITY: New flexible forefoot Stone Shield TPU plate protects the foot while keeping the shoe flexible and light. Aggressive Waffle outsole keeps you upright on the trails. BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole and sticky rubber Waffle Fill secure traction in wet conditions. 
  • FIT: Trail-ready durable mesh and synthetic overlays help protect against the elements. Sturdy TPU eyelets and reflectivity help provide a secure fit and enhanced visibility. 
  • OTHER: Nike+ enabled for instant workout feedback when used
here's some pictures that i took

Nice eh!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Completed the APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) course

I finally completed the 4 days 8 hours CSCP instructor led course. From next week onwards, i need to start the exam preparation studies...

Random Pictures

Went to Penang last weekend. I managed to pick up my camera to take couple of pictures on Saturday. I walked along the Gurney Drive and managed to snapshot these pictures

Visited the Chilis @ G-Hotel for dinner and this round i ordered a Bottomless Chips, Salad and 4 drinks custom made by Mahen...

Top X (Mahen's Signature)

Bahamas Mama (Matt's favor)

Around the world (I'm still not around the world after this drink)

Brandy Alexander

Drafting my farewell notes...

I'm busy drafting my farewell notes which i would send out tomorrow evening before i leave the company... This will let my fellow colleagues to have some time to communicate with me in case they need some last minutes kind of information... Anyway, i'm counting down the days and it's very very near to my last day. Next Monday will be my last day. *sniff sniff*

Guess what? Last night as i was doing some shopping in The Gardens Mid Valley. I happened to see a big banner stated that they are hiring Barrister in Starbucks. I will just pop in next week with my resume and find out what is the job scope and hopefully i could get a part time job in Starbucks :-> So, if i do work in Starbucks, don't forget to drop by and say hi eh!

Anyway, gotta to get ready and go to the CSCP class. Today is my last class of this course and i will have to start my exam preparation study on next week onwards for June 21st 2008 exam...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

4 days CSCP course

I have signed up for a 4 days Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) course this week. The course is quite interesting and i learnt quite a lot of new knowledge for the past two days. This certified program is for the high management so the material is from the perspective of the management.

The cost of the CSCP course is RM9,000 which includes the APICS learning system material and instructor led classes and the examination on June 21st 2008. It's quite pricy but i have to work hard to pass this certification to upgrade my skillset and experience to get a better job. I think this is a worth investment as i'm going to look for a consultation job in the near future.

Wish me luck eh! I have to work hard to get this certification... cannot play play only :->

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Farewell Party @ Borneo Rainforest cafe

Another 6 days i will be out from my current company. My status will be turning from working into student for at least 2-3 months. This March 31st 2008 will be the last day for at least 20 of us in the office. The organizing committee have organized a farewell party in Borneo Rainforest Cafe.

I'm looking forward for the party and hopefully this Friday will not be a raining day. Anyway, i'm prepare to stay over night in Pyramid Tower Hotel opposite the Borneo Rainforest Cafe.
Stay tune eh!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tour on Traders Hotel KLCC

The traders hotel management has invited my colleagues and I to drop by Skybar for chilling out over the skybar and later they provided a quick tour on Traders Hotel KLCC.

Our first stop - Executive Floor business lounges. The hotel offers free flow of alcohol and drinks at the executive floor business. Besides, the guest whom stayed in this floor will be able to have the breakfast in this lounges.

Then, we proceed to the deluxe room @ Executive floor. The Deluxe room is facing the petronas twin tower. Because of the weather was cooling, the windows was foggy but still it was a nice view.

After visiting the Deluxe room, we headed to the Suite which cost about RM570 per night. It was quite a cool and warm place. We stopped by there for a while, managed to take a couple of picture before we moved on to the gym.

The studio @ the Fitness center (gym) is facing the Petronas twin tower. It was a nice view while working out on the group exercise. The hotel provides some classes like Yoga etc. The gym is equipped with treadmill, x-trainer, stepper etc. Besides the cardio machine, the gym also equipped with various weight machine and different free weight dumbbell and barbell.

Our next stop after the gym was business center. There are two floors in the business center. Two type of meeting rooms, the rectangular table and the houseshoe shape table in two different meeting room. The business center design was very awesome with the new age interior design.

The hotel Lobby is located in the 5th floor of the building and the design of the lobby is very unique with the contemporary theme. Lot's of mirror has been used to reflect some lighting and the atmosphere and color was part of the design.

Gobo Chit Chat eating place is located @ the same floor with the lobby. This is a restaurant that in the traditional hotel, usually we named the restaurant as coffee house but for Traders Hotel KLCC, they named this place as Gobo Chit Chat eating place which providng the breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant environment is different from the conventional coffee house.

We ended our tour @ the ground floor of the Traders Hotel KLCC. The design of the ground floor is simple and spacious. BTW, i don't see any place for people to sit. Usually, the guest will be directed to 5th floor for checking in. Only group check in is done on the ground floor.

It was a quick and pleasant evening with Peter and the sales time. BTW, i would like to thank Pete for bring us around the hotel and shown us the hotel facilities. I wished i could hang out in Sky Bar soon and maybe check in the room to chill out over in Traders Hotel KLCC.
more pics, visit tz-photo
So, pay a visit to Skybar @ Traders Hotel KLCC... you will be able to see the nice and breathtaking Petronas Twin Tower.... :->

Formula one (F1) Malaysia Grand Prix - March 2008

Anyone going to Sepang Circuit for F1 Malaysia final? Who is going to win for this round? I'm not a fan of F1 but sometime i just like to watch the race especially on the final... unfortunately Malaysia was not the final site for this round.

Anyway, last Wednesday, i was in KLCC and there were booth selling the F1 mechandize. Lots of people taking picture of the F1 racing car... since i have my camera with me i also took a few :->

Another 2 more hours i would be on my way back to KL and i would not be able to watch the F1... let me know who win for this round eh!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Afternoon @ Starbucks Gurney Place

I changed my plan due to the sky got darker and darker on 13:30pm. Decided to just chill out in Starsbucks Gurney Place. I was surprise as there was not so much crowd. I was sitting in the Starsbucks since 13:35pm. Since i have a nice view of the whole Starbucks, I would like to get this opportunities to apply my observatory skill to spot some nice scenario that i could blog about... Stay tune for some update eh!

Time: 13:37

The three ladies made a mess before leaving the table. The barrister was so unhappy with that... unfortunately i could did not manage to take her facial expression. Anyway, i could not understand why people could not take care of the environment... leave with the place nice and clean. I think Malaysian need to change their mindset to keep the environment nice and clean for the next person.

Time: 13:53

This moment was so quiet as there is no people coming into the cafe :-p Not even 10 customers in Starsbucks in the Saturday afternoon 13:53, could you believe that? Starbucks! What has happened to this place, this is the most happening place in Penang. At about 14:00, the rain started and the crowd started to pop in... Was it because of the rain that brought the crowd in or just 2pm is the right time for all crowd to be in?

Time: 14:54

Time: 14:55

At 15:00, the place was almost full and the quietness of the place has turned into so much noise. Guess what? the group sitting at the side has contributed plenty of noise. Once they left 10 mins later, the whole cafe was now back to a nicer environment again.

At 15:36, the rain has stopped and it's time for me to hit back to the hotel before another rain starts :-p

Photo taking in Penang?

I'm looking for some activities as i don't know what should i do for the rest of the afternoon in this island... Maybe i should just walk around and take some picture again or just chill out in the mall down the road...

BTW, here is the view from the hotel i stay in Penang... anyone would able to guess what hotel i'm staying?

Update (1:30pm): The sky is getting darker and i have changed my plan to just sitting @ Starbucks and doing some blog reading. Not going anywhere, just wanted to sit by here and chill out. :->

Thursday, March 20, 2008

SkyBar @ 33 floors Traders Hotel KLCC

A bunch of my colleagues and I got invited from the Traders Hotel management to pay a visit to their SkyBar @ 33 floors. The team has organized this small cocktail functions with some finger food and the specialty Lychee Martini (it's nice).

We took a cabbie service provided by the Traders Hotel for their guest from KLCC Fountain to Traders Hotel lobby. As we reached the ground floor of the Traders Hotel, we got into the lift and headed to the pretigious bar in Malaysia, the SkyBar @ 33 floors Traders Hotel.

Upon arriving we were greeted by Peter the sales manager and he just accompanied us to the table that he has reserved for us with a spectacular view of the Twin Towers. We chilled out while talking with Peter and his team, enjoying breathtaking view and sipping the Traders signiture drink - Lychee Martini.

Skybar @ 33 floors (Pool in the middle of the bar)
View from the Sky Bar

Laychee Martini (on the right)

Next stop - touring around Traders Hotel KLCC...

Wondered where i go for a cocktail function eh! ...

with the view of
Stay tune! I will upload more picture on my cocktail functions @ sky bar, traders KLCC.